Description: mittwochs und freitags,  25. 10,  27.10,  8.11,  10. 11,  29.11,  1.12

Time: 14–18 Uhr

Start: 25.10.2017

End: 01.12.2017

Location: Blauer Salon / Raum 363




This introductory seminar will look at dramaturgy as a tool to organize time, where “time” is understood as a perceived value of a significant movement of any objects through any space. It will take into account the difference between how we perceive time events and how we are actually producing or simulating them, the thresholds of our temporal perception and the limits of our ability to produce time events. Still, the ambition of this seminar is as much practical as theoretical: it assumes that any time-based project is, ultimately, a way to communicate, and visuals are organizing themselves into a language obeying to grammar constraints / rules.